These resources are designed to reduce family stress, build character and spiritual values, give you and your children vision for the future, and help them to be secure in their self-worth.
Stages of Development
Calming Your Baby (three short videos)
Getting Them to Sleep (PDF)
Having Tough Talks (Video)
Having Tough Talks (PDF)
Parenting: Love and Protect (PDF)
Calmer, Easier Parenting (PDF)
Descriptive Praise Handout (PDF)
All the Good Things (PDF)
Parenting Middle-Schoolers (PDF)
Dads Discussion (PDF)
Moms Discussion (PDF)
Parenting Keys 0 to 5th Grade (PDF)
Parenting Keys 6th to 12th Grade (PDF)
Raising Teens (PDF)
From Deficient to Genius (PDF)
Teaching Empathy (PDF)
Concise Parenting Notes (PDF)

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